Herringbone parquet

Looking for high-quality oak herringbone parquet flooring at affordable prices?

Herringbone parquet

Looking for high-quality oak herringbone parquet flooring at affordable prices?

Het Amsterdams Vloerenmagazijn is where you can find it.

We supply oak herringbone duoplank, a 4 mm solid oak top layer glued onto 9 mm birch plywood, 12 x 60 cm, straight from the factory. This type of flooring can be laid both floating and glued on a hard, flat underfloor and is therefore suitable for apartments where sound insulation of 10 dB is prescribed.

This flooring can be supplied fully finished so that it is ready for use.

There are three types of finish:

Smoking, this produces greater colour variation in the wood and a slightly greyish tinge when the wood is whitewashed.

Ageing, this takes place in a drum containing metal objects so that the wood is damaged mechanically, which may cause some splintering and irregularities like in an old floor.

Oiling, this gives the floor the colour you prefer and protects it against dirt as the oxidative oil gets cured in the pores of the wood.

Available colours range from whitewash, grey, natural, brown and red to black.

All these options can be viewed in our warehouse/showroom.


Maintenance consists of cleaning the floor once a week with the vacuum cleaner or wiper.

A regular damp wipe with some floor soap.

When necessary, treat with maintenance oil.

We use and recommend the following brands:

De Vesting

At Het Amsterdams Vloerenmagazijn the honest prices and special offers of herringbone parquet flooring are always to your advantage.

If you wish to be advised on the best type of herringbone parquet flooring for your home or office, call Herman van Kerkwijk, who can tell you all about the possibilities and special offers.

How to get it home is up to you: you are free to pick it up at the showroom or have it delivered

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